Trahan Contruction



Straightforward. Personal. Professional.
Three steps to stress-free construction.

Clients appreciate our straightforward approach to problem-solving because they can be a part of the process, making decisions that benefit them in a personal way. We’re available at a moments notice to answer your questions. Whether we’re building a complex or simple structure, prepare to hand us your concerns ... it’s why we’re here.

As a general contractor, most of our clients begin working with us from three perspectives:

Development — Starting with a raw idea, we help mold a vision, then recommend the best ways for that vision to become reality.

Design Build — We’ll partner with you to interview industry-leading architects with building-related expertise (e.g. Specialists in building healthcare facilities, etc.). The process creates a Trahan-Client-Architect team that can speed construction time and provide additional cost flexibility.

Construction Management — Gain an experienced partner in the bidding, cost evaluation and oversight of your next construction project. With Trahan Construction on your team, you'll move forward with confidence.

Whether you’re in one of these situations or something different altogether, count on us for a straight answer and prompt solution every time.



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