Trahan Contruction



When it comes to services, we break new ground each day.
Our people provide the balance in your construction cycle.

The core difference between application of technology and understanding its benefits is a contractor who can relate them for you. At Trahan Construction, we breathe life into incredible structures (many of which you can see in our portfolio). But each step of construction contains a critical eye for practicality, durability and purpose. It’s those principals you’ll find relayed to you on a regular basis. Everyone on our team is working with your vision in mind.

Trahan Construction provides services for nearly every building sector.
Our proven qualifications include:

§  Development
§  Construction Management
§  Building Construction
§  Heavy Construction
§  Road Construction
§  Select Residential

Please view our Project Portfolio for examples that include:

§  Banks 
§  Apartments
§  Churches
§  Schools
§  Medical Facilities
§  Nursing Homes
§  Assisted Living Facilities
§  Office Space
§  Retail Lease Space
§  Metal Buildings
§  Parking Lots and Streets
§  Industrial Projects
§  Renovations and Historical Restorations



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